The incredible shrinking fabric

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments about Vogue 1073! The weather in the UK has started to get autumnal, so it should be getting some wear pretty soon.

My next project’s got off to a rather unfortunate start. I am going to make a simple hoodie dress based on this pattern.

I had two metres of a really nice doubleknit in my stash. It was green on one side and black on the other, and really soft. I put it in the washing machine. As you will have guessed, it shrunk. But I’ve never seen shrinkage like this. It’s just over half the length it started off at. The width is also greatly reduced. The green side is strangely felted in little patches, and the black side now resembles bouclé. Or possibly solidified lava.

I kind of like the effect on the black side, but there’s not enough fabric left to do a lot with and the shape is very distorted. I might just get a top out of it if I’m careful! All’s well that ends well though. I got a very nice ponte knit from John Lewis to replace it.

3 thoughts on “The incredible shrinking fabric

  1. Wow that is weird. Recently I started transcribing the information off the fabric bolts before I have it cut (or info from the seller website) so that no matter how long the fabric stays in my stash I’ll know what it was and how to care for it. The care “suggestions” don’t really matter since I wash all new fabrics Perm Press as soon as I get them, because that’s just the way I roll 😉

  2. I have fabric in my stash that actually looks like this and is narrower than the usual 120 or 150 width. This may sound stupid, but I wondered if was the same but had only gone through half the manufacturing process. Yes, it does sound stupid. I’d make a simple pencil skirt.

  3. I also have some fabric like this at least I think it’s the same. It’s smooth on one side and crinkled on the other. It has some wool content in the smooth side and is all cotton on the crinkled side which causes the texture. I also found mine already textured but it was in a remnants bin not on a bolt. It didn’t shrink much more when I washed it. But mine also was a slightly odd narrow width for a knit fabric so I suspect it had been processed in some way. I used it to make sweatshirts and I really like the weight of it, it’s kind of spongy like a floppy pancake.

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