Biting off more than I can chew

Thanks so much for the comments about my version of Vogue 1220! I’m going to wear it as it is…but make another version with a bit more length for work when I find the right fabric.

My next project’s another Vogue designer pattern, 1073. This one has been around for a few years. I remember seeing it in the Vogue catalogue when I was buying my first ever dress patterns, noticing it was marked ‘Advanced Difficulty’, and wondering what on earth was so tricky about an A line dress with a few little pintucks. But I had enough sense to realise I was missing something and bought a Very Easy Vogue pattern instead, which proved quite difficult enough to sew at the time.

Now I’ve been sewing for a while I appreciate why making those curved tucks – in a knit as well – would be a challenge. ‘Average’ difficulty is about my level in Vogue. I did make Vogue 1087 but that one is only really ‘Advanced’ in the insane amount of tailor tacking and hemming it requires. (I cheated and used hem tape). But I still like the 1073 dress so I included the pattern in my last batch from Sew Direct, and bought some cream knit fabric on a recent expedition to Goldhawk Road.

I then started looking online for what other people had done with this pattern. No reviews on Pattern Review, which is very unusual. I’ve been the first person to post a review of a pattern once or twice, but not a Vogue that’s been around for a while. There are a few posts on the Sewing Divas site about possible methods for sewing the pintucks but no pictures of a finished project. In fact Google can’t find me a finished project. This pattern is three years old – has no one made it at all? Or is it such a disaster area that no one will admit to having made it?

As I have the fabric and the pattern I intend to give it a go despite these ominous signs, but I am not setting my heart on making it come out perfectly. Wish me luck.

10 thoughts on “Biting off more than I can chew

  1. i do wish you luck, and i will follow your posts with much interest. actually, i too bought this pattern a couple of years ago but did never get around to sew it.

  2. I too saw those posts on possible techniques and eagerly awaited the resulting dress but never saw it. Don’t know what happened to that project. I agree it will be quite a challenge. I don’t know what the instructions/pattern call for, but I bet the pin tucks would stand out more if you made them more like piping with cording inside them. But I could totally off my rocker. Take everything I say with a grain of salt. Claudine of might have some ideas if you emailed her. She has advanced sewing skills. Good luck!!!

  3. Wow- I believe that on my delicate frame the tucks will only increase my resemblance to the Michelin man, but on you- I want to see this! You will be positively Swinton-esque!

  4. I too checked PR for reviews of this pattern and wondered what happened to the sewing divas’ version. I am eagerly awaiting your version to explain the challenges. Many times I have picked up this pattern and thought about making it only to put it aside because of the lack of PR posts on such an old Vogue pattern. It is an interesting design.

  5. I’ve this pattern in my stash, too. I just don’t have the fabric for it in my stash – I’d like to make it up in a lovely wool doubleknit. I’ll be following your journey closely – I’d love to see it made up!

  6. There is a helpful review of V1135 which also has curved pintucks in knit. I’m not entirely surprised there aren’t any reviews–It’s the sort of pattern I find easier to buy than to actually attempt. 1073 is a gorgeous design though and I’m so glad you’re tackling it. I have successfully made tucks in knits though nothing as sophisticated as this design. I’d think some samples in your fabric scraps would be called for but it might be easier than you’re imagining. Still a lot of marking…

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