Into the blue

Vogue 1220 blue version front view

So here’s my version of Vogue 1220 being worn by me for the first time, as opposed to my dressform. I really like it. But it’s not at all the easy-to-wear shirtdress I’d envisioned. This dress is short.

Vogue 1220 blue version back view

I’m surprised by the shortness because the envelope photo shows it stopping on the middle of the model’s knees. I made my usual length adjustments before cutting it out, but I think I’d need to add another four or five inches to get the hem to the equivalent length on me. I am going to have to invest in some very thick tights.

On the other hand, it has highly practical pockets. More dresses should have pockets. And the little sleeves are a nice change, and I love the pleats on the bodice.

Vogue 1220 blue version

Other than the length issue it’s really comfortable. I was worried that there wouldn’t be enough walking ease but it’s come out fine. It’s a great design and I really recommend it – but I’m very glad I read all the Pattern Review reviews of it first because the pattern instructions miss out an important step in finishing the placket. Some of the reviews also point out alternative ways to do some of the steps to avoid hand sewing. I’m all for that.

I’m definitely going to wear this version, but I think I’ll try making it again and adding some length too.

13 thoughts on “Into the blue

  1. WOW! I love this dress. The navy is such a perfect color on you. You look stunning. And the length (or shortness) makes you look like a runway model. No joke. Love it! You need more navy in your life. Or a sailor. hahaha! I crack myself up.

  2. Love it! It IS short, but it does look great on you, you’ve got the figure to carry it off, although I imagine you probably have to watch it when you sit…:)

  3. So chic! The more I see of this pattern the more I want to make it, if only it was practical for my life right now 😦 Do you have any extra allowance in the hem that you could let down, even a little bit? With tights the length won’t be an issue at all though.

  4. I love it and think you look stunning! I also think the length really suits you but if it is anything like mine I guess it rides up a bit when you sit down so I understand why you might feel it’s a bit short. I wonder if you could add a band round the bottom in the same fabric?

  5. Ooh, I have that pattern and really fancy making it up in a cotton sateen. Thanks for the forewarning about length and missing pattern instructions. I think it will look great with some opaque tights.

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