Space opera

Here’s the first fruit of the overlocker. It’s model 128 from the October 2010 Burda.

Burda 128 10/2010

And here’s Burda’s version. I notice that the image file from the BurdaStyle website is named something along the lines of ‘Burda Star Wars’ so the science fiction effect is obviously intentional! Personally I think it’s more 1980s cyberpunk than Star Wars. I’m having a hard time thinking of anyone in Star Wars with a short skirt. Princess Leia’s gold bikini does not count.

The original version is made out of real leather and stretch gabardine, but mine’s pleather and a stable viscose jersey, which seemed to work pretty well. I ended up leaving out the centre back zip from the original and I can still just about get it on as the fabrics have quite a bit of stretch. I prefer the look of it without the zip. I’ve just realised I skipped the shoulder pads too. Clearly they aren’t all that vital.

I had lots of problems with the fit. I didn’t make a muslin and ended up having to unpick stitching on the pleather. Luckily I was taking in rather than letting out so the original stitching holes are hidden. The back still isn’t quite right but I think it’s as good as I can get without taking the whole dress to pieces and starting over.

Burda 128 10/2010

I’m not entirely sure if this dress is going to get worn or not. It’s certainly not casual, and a bit over-the-top for work. Maybe in winter with opaque tights and boots? And accessorized with a blaster.

Burda 128 10/2010

13 thoughts on “Space opera

  1. I think it’s more Star Trek than Star Wars and looks really cool on you, don’t think I could pull that off! Maybe you can wear it with tights to any winter formal events…

  2. It’s smashing, I love it. Definitely with tights and some awesome boots. I would definitely wear this out to dinner or a cocktail party. I’ll host, but you’ll have to come to NYC. πŸ˜‰

  3. This is fabulous – “space” outfits seem to be your thing and always look great. I need some long sleeve dresses once the weather cools off and I think this pattern will now be a contender!

  4. This looks great on you! I love this dress. I thought about giving it a try, but I was worried about fitting with the side insets. Sounds like my fears were right, but it looks so good on you I might have to reconsider!

  5. I really love this the dress on you. I’d definely wear it, but would add some coloured opaque tights to break up the black. It is a good fit and flattering shape.

  6. Wow that is once fierce dress! I can see why you’d need the right occasion to wear it – it wouldn’t be right to just wear a dress like that round your local Tesco.

    Or maybe it would, with the right space blaster?

  7. Oh this is so you! I really love this dress on you. I just love that you have “your look” and as I’m reading William Gibson right now, I can just picture you as Hollis, the ex-rock singer-turned journo investigating “locative art” installations. Keep up the adventure!

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