How to look like a hot air balloon

I have Vogue 1238 on my project queue. This is a dress that could definitely go very wrong with a bad choice of fabric. The suggested fabrics are ‘moderate stretch knits only’. Vogue’s version is made in tasteful shades of beige, one shiny, one dull.

The chances of my being able to find that sort of fabric at a reasonable price (for reasonable read ‘extremely cheap because this highly experimental dress needs the best part of 4 yards so forget making it out of silk jersey’) are slim to non-existent. Besides I think beige might make me look even more corpse-like than normal. Although at least there’s no danger of being mistaken for a weather balloon.

Here are some colour combinations I might be able to find in stretch fabrics.

None of them looks quite right to me. I can’t help wondering if this would work with a really lightweight woven cut on the bias as the contrast fabric. Maybe something black with a bit of sheen combined with matt black jersey.

Of course what this is really about is avoiding sewing the Burda dress with pleather bits that’s sitting on my sewing table. I’ll run out of excuses soon.

5 thoughts on “How to look like a hot air balloon

  1. Vogue almost certainly used a fabric with a shiny side and a dull side, and used both sides of it. Maybe a silk charmeuse? I think it’s called satin in the UK, but it’s not what we in the US call satin. Fabric like this is not all that difficult to find. I’m not sure you would really need a knit.

  2. I think it might look best in the same color or very similar colors but different textures. You would also have to make sure the length was right before you cut, that would make it more balloon like i think.

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