Little black dress

Vogue 8633 black version

OK it’s a boring post title, but then this really is just a little black dress. I posted about it on Sunday but as I now have some decent pictures of it on a body, rather than a dressform, here it is again. It’s Vogue 8633 with a few tweaks. I’m very happy with how it’s turned out, although I’m not quite sure what’s going on with those creases in the skirt.

I love the collar on this style. The waist inset is also nice as it gives the dress a bit of shape. I would have added interfacing to it if this dress hadn’t been made out of a stretch fabric. I’m surprised the pattern doesn’t call for it. In fact the only place you do put interfacing is the collar facing.

I think the fit’s better on this version too, although there are still a few lines on the bodice. Of course it might just be that it looks better in darker fabric! I’ve stuck the first two versions below if anyone fancies comparing lines and creases.

Vogue 8633 green version
Vogue 8633 silver version

I think I’m probably done with Vogue 8633 for the moment. On to the rest of the project queue, and figuring out how to make my shiny new overlocker do a rolled hem.

7 thoughts on “Little black dress

  1. I love your new LBD! And I really like seeing all the different versions you’ve made up of this pattern. The dress really suits you in all of its incarnations. And I agree – the collar is my favourite part of the design!

  2. OOOHHHH, I really love your latest version. Not sure what you mean about creases, because I don’t see any fitting problems at all. Although I have to point out that my favorite iteration is the space silver one. πŸ™‚

    On another note, I wish you were in NYC this weekend and could come to my little meet up.

  3. The shape of this little black dress is so futuristic it’s going to be cutting edge every season! Anything but boring. Your hair and style rock. MORE please πŸ™‚ xx

  4. This dress style was made for you, this is a great LBD and I bet it is a better fit (even if you can see imaginary creases!) and quality than the RTW one it is replacing.

  5. By jove I think she’s got it! Love this version and you have resolved the fit issues from the previous versions.

  6. Amazing dress! That style is always timeless. I don’t think you should worry about any “creases”. It’s so easy to be over critical of things we make. I’m sure if you tried that on in a shop you wouldn’t notice half the things you do when you made it yourself.

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