Managing the project queue

Ever buy fabric or a pattern for a project and then never use it because something else came along and distracted you? I’m not so bad with fabric, but I do have a box full of patterns that haven’t been made up yet. And unless I keep getting the things out of the box I forget what I’ve got planned. The ones below are just the current top six or seven. I mean ten.

I’ve tried a few things to keep track of projects in the past. Notebooks are OK but I like to be able to easily add photos and not have to carry something heavy around with me. A lot of people like Evernote, which is a powerful general notetaking service, but I don’t get on with any of the clients or even the web version for some reason. Pattern Review‘s pattern stash feature is just that – a pattern list – so isn’t quite enough.

Nattie recently pointed out My Sewing Circle to me and I think this might be the answer. It seems to be a version of Ravelry for sewists. It lets you catalogue your fabric, pattern, and project lists. The pattern database is distinctly spotty (at least compared to Pattern Review‘s comprehensive list), and I’m never going to get round to cataloguing fabric that doesn’t already have a pattern waiting for it, but I really like the project category. You can add patterns and fabrics to projects, make notes, and upload photos. So I’ve added my current project list to it and am hoping it will help avoid distraction. At least until the next Vogue Patterns collection comes out.

9 thoughts on “Managing the project queue

  1. This is the story of my life. I have a pile of patterns and a bunch of fabric, and I just keep buying. I used to keep a handwritten list of what I planned to make, but now I just sew the project I am most interested in at the time. I will check out the Sewing Circle–it sounds like something I need.

  2. I am dazzled by bright shiny objects- I have all this fabric and plan at purchase, but then I just sew on whim. It’s not very economical, but I have fun.

  3. Oh yes I do this all the time, I have given up posting anything resembling a plan (even 1 garment ahead) on my blog because it never happens. I do still make notes and lists when ideas come to me, but they don’t always make it into real life either, I’ve decided that’s OK. I would start with Vogue 1250, you can knock that one out in a few hours and move it out of the pile – very satisfying!

  4. Have you tried stapling a fabric swatch to pattern envelope? I use Evernote all the time, but never for sewing project. I usually come up with the next one as soon as my current one nears completion 🙂

    1. That’s a good idea, thanks! I often forget exactly what colour or texture the fabric I’ve got is, and photos are never good enough to remind me.

  5. Like allisonC I have almost given up on a plan! I always have so many patterns that I want to make and am constantly changing my mind about what’s going to come next and what pattern should be paired with what fabric. I like to think of it as ‘being creative’ rather than ‘being disorganised’ 🙂

  6. My latest method, having joined Eugenia and Allison in the no lists, no plans brigade is to put the 15 patterns that I most want to sew in a box. Last week I drew out five of those patterns with my eyes closed. I selected appropriate fabrics from my embarrassingly large fabric stash, tissue fitted and cut them out. Still working on finishing my DDs dress, them I will work my way through them. If it works out, I think I’ll do it again.

  7. Haha, I love MySewingCircle too, for the same reason, organizing my projects. I love being able to plan projects, and marking them as “In Progress” or “Almost Done,” though the most satisfying one is marking a project “Completed.”

    MSC is also where I found the link to your blog, which I’m enjoying immensely…:-)

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