I can’t wait


Much food for thought about my fitting problems with Vogue 8633 – thanks everyone! The black version is underway and looking hopeful so far. And it’s distracting me from the fact that my new overlocker has not arrived.

I’ve been dithering over purchasing an overlocker for months. There are so many models on the market and I’ve never used one before so I’m not quite sure what I’m letting myself in for. I read lots of reviews on Pattern Review and was none the wiser as to which model to go for. Eventually I took myself down to my local sewing machine shop and asked for advice. I eventually decided on a Frister+Rossmann Knitlock 2/3/4 thread. It seems to have a good range of features and I’m promised it’s suitable for a beginner (and the shop throws in a couple of lessons which I think I am going to need!)

Unfortunately it was not in stock. It was supposed to come in on Wednesday but hasn’t, so fingers crossed for next week. Not that I have anything planned to sew with it yet…but I really want to have a go at threading it.

4 Responses to “I can’t wait”

  1. New machines are exciting, and a little terrifying at the same time. I have a serger (or overlock, same thing) but I don’t use it to it’s full potential I know.

  2. Very exciting. I can understand your impatience. Congrats! You’ll love it.

  3. Mmmmm…. new machine = yay!
    I still haven’t gotten the new-to-me overlocker I bought pre-Crimbo ’10 out of it’s box (too scared to try it LOL!)

  4. Wow, new machine! I hope you enjoy it, having a serger is a point-of-no-return for a seamstress! 🙂
    Thank you so much for your kind comment

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