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I have Vogue 1238 on my project queue. This is a dress that could definitely go very wrong with a bad choice of fabric. The suggested fabrics are ‘moderate stretch knits only’. Vogue’s version is made in tasteful shades of beige, one shiny, one dull. The chances of my being able to find that sort […]

Thanks for all the lovely comments about the final version of Vogue 8633. I wore it to work this week and it’s definitely my favourite dress. So here’s what’s next up on the project list: I am in two minds about this dress. I love the picture. But I fear that what I love about […]

OK it’s a boring post title, but then this really is just a little black dress. I posted about it on Sunday but as I now have some decent pictures of it on a body, rather than a dressform, here it is again. It’s Vogue 8633 with a few tweaks. I’m very happy with how […]



Whew. I finally finished the black version of Vogue 8633. Unfortunately my photographer is out on the town so I only have dressform pictures at the moment. The artificial light doesn’t really do justice to the fabric, which is a stretch twill with a wonderful sheen. This dress was one of the things I wanted […]

Ever buy fabric or a pattern for a project and then never use it because something else came along and distracted you? I’m not so bad with fabric, but I do have a box full of patterns that haven’t been made up yet. And unless I keep getting the things out of the box I […]

I can’t wait


Much food for thought about my fitting problems with Vogue 8633 – thanks everyone! The black version is underway and looking hopeful so far. And it’s distracting me from the fact that my new overlocker has not arrived. I’ve been dithering over purchasing an overlocker for months. There are so many models on the market […]

No more muslins


At what point do you give up on fit faffing and decide it’s good enough? Or conversely give up on a project altogether? I’ve made two muslins of Vogue 8633 this week and I still can’t get it quite right, despite all the helpful suggestions! This is on top of the two actual dresses I’ve […]