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Vogue 1240

Here’s my finished version of Vogue 1240. This was a pattern with all sorts of fit problems, but thanks to some good advice from Pattern Review (not sure if that link will work for non-members but it’s free to sign up) I managed to produce something wearable. The trouble is I can’t find shoes to wear with it.
I made the dress to wear to a wedding. I’m therefore going to have to have shoes I can walk around in all day – which pretty much rules out the ones in the picture above.

I didn’t think I owned all that many shoes. And then when trying to find something to go with the dress I discovered I have five pairs of black heels. (This doesn’t include the ones I took to the charity shop after trying them on with this dress and realising I can’t even stand in them. Those are now out of the house so Do Not Count.)

All of the above look much too heavy with this dress apart from the very strappy pair – which as I said I have trouble walking in. I can do wedges or very chunky heels but not stilettos. What to do? Are kitten heels more wearable than they look? Can I learn to walk in the stilettos in the next month? What about dancing? Right now I’m wavering towards the Dolcis pair with the flared heels on the grounds that being able to dance is what counts!

5 thoughts on “Shoe selection

  1. If you’re up for buying new shoes I think kitten heels wouldn’t be a bad idea. It’s too bad the pattern photos don’t show what shoes the model is wearing to get some shoe inspiration.

    1. The dress is lovely! I do like the idea of something strappy but low healed. Maybe you can find inspiration at the shoe store. If not how would the lower center (right?) shoe look with the dress? It looks low enough not to hurt but lighter weight than the ones above. The pharmacy near me sells little velvet evening bags with small black slippers to change into when your high heels are killing you (and you put the painful shoes into the bag when you change). That way you can start out with the lovely stilettos and then wear something comfortable to dance.

  2. That dress is spectacular! Wowsa! Re shoes: kitten heels are very wearable. I’ve got only one pair in my closet and they are so comfortable that I understand why people choose them. And BeccaA’s suggestion is good, too. I’ve been to many a wedding at which people bring a comfy pair that will suit until the wee hours of the morning.

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