Alien flowers fabric

It’s not as if I don’t already have several projects lined up. But I saw this in John Lewis and fell in love with it. The label describes it simply as ‘floral’ but this does not do justice to it. Floral to me means sweet and girly. I think there’s something slightly alien and spooky about these flowers. They look like the sort of thing that might move when there isn’t any breeze.

It’s going to be a 1970s halter neck maxi dress. I already have the pattern, a vintage Simplicity that I’ve made up before.

6 thoughts on “Alien flowers fabric

  1. Yes, the airbrushing on those flowers makes them very slightly creepy . . . in a good way . . . and totally in keeping with your aesthetic preferences. Brava! I think you’ll be stunning in that dress, made out of this fabric.

  2. Yes, you could almost see ghostly faces in the flowers. Don’t mention JL to me, don’t make me think about buying fabric – I’m trying to resist!

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