The new Vogue patterns are out. Normally a cause for rejoicing, especially the autumn collection. But this time I’m completely underwhelmed. Other people love it. I have tried, I really have, but I can’t find anything I like.

At first I thought it might just be the colours used for the photos – there’s a lot of purple – but I tried to concentrate on the technical drawings. And in most cases I’ve decided it’s the ruching I don’t like. Every other garment is ruched, either as a detail or all over. The designer patterns are particularly bad for this. 1253, 1252, and 1259, I’m looking at you.

Vogue 1252

Vogue 1253

Vogue 1259

Now that’s just a matter of personal taste. Many people like ruching, I just happen not to be one of them. And Vogue have included one dress which ought to be totally to my taste. 8744 is fitted with lots of seam details and long sleeves. But it has something very funny going on with the sleeves. Look at those creases in the photo! I think it could be rescued by turning the sleeves into cap sleeves, but I’m not sure it’s worth it. Some of those seamlines look like they have the potential to turn into built in VPL if you aren’t very careful.

Not that this means I’m stuck for something to sew. Because the week before the new patterns came out, the old ones went on sale. And there’s plenty of good stuff in the Vogue back catalogue to choose from. I only bought two, but by the time I’ve got through them and the rest of my project backlog the winter Vogues will probably be out.

7 thoughts on “Underwhelmed

  1. I feel the same way about this Vogue Patterns collection. And I laughed and laughed at your comment about built in VPL on 8744. So true! So, on to other projects and let’s hope for better luck next time!

  2. The problem with the sleeves in 8744 is off-putting, for sure. I think the sleeve pattern must be designed as if this were a T shirt.

  3. I think it might be the way this model always poses. She exaggerates her shoulders in a strange way. Still, why they decided THIS was the best picture of the bunch is beyond me. And what a bland color, too. Check her out in the picture for 1251. Odd.

  4. Absolutely spot on, ruching doesn’t go with your Ninja/minimal/futurist/Tilda Swinton chic. I’m a little bored anyway with Vogue’s relying on dresses to keep their catalogue up to date. It all looks too suburban from here.

  5. I love ruching and I love purple so I am happy. I did look at that dress 8744 though and immediately think “superman undies” so that one probably won’t be on my list!

  6. I quite like 1253, but I think it has the potential to make me look like I’m all, well, boobs, all the time.

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