Style ruts

Vogue UK used to regularly run articles about getting out of style ruts. These are or were pretty formulaic: take one woman (usually someone who already writes for Vogue) who is allegedly stuck in a style rut. Get her to wear anything other than her preferred style of clothes for a month. This is usually achieved by the fashion editor’s picking out a range of fabulous new outfits for her to wear that will allegedly change her life. At the end of the month the test subject invariably writes an article about how she is going to go back to her regular habits but her eyes have been opened and she will be a little bit more adventurous in future. So far, so predictable, which isn’t to say the articles aren’t interesting reads. I have an insatiable interest in how other people choose their clothes.

I guess it’s good to try new things once in a while, but are style ruts really so bad? Maybe we get stuck in them for a reason. There was a period of a couple years when I only ever wore black. These days I wear a lot of bright colours, but I’m always pleasantly surprised when I see pictures of myself in black. For some reason it works on me despite my deathly pallor. I have a friend who has a very classic, pulled together, preppy look and is rarely seen in anything else. When we go shopping I can predict exactly what styles she will pick out. Another colleague always wears dresses in neutral colours but always has some slightly edgy detail like an exposed zip or darts sewn on the right side. They both look great and make it look easy. Admittedly there’s more to it than style consistency – remembering to put your lipstick on clearly helps too.

So hooray for the style rut. Maybe we could call it a style groove instead – being in a groove sounds better than being stuck in a rut! I am going to embrace my groove and buy more black fabric. Anyone else have a style groove that they love? Colours, shapes, fabrics?

5 thoughts on “Style ruts

  1. What about those of us who have no sense of personal style and are grooveless? Maybe when I finally grow up I’ll have a sense of style.

  2. I think it’s only a ‘rut’ if you’re dressing in sweatpants and a baggy tshirt everyday. I love the idea of a style groove, I’m not sure I have one of those yet but I’m still a student and don’t have a professional job to dress for everyday. So maybe in about 5 years haha!

  3. Definitely like the positive spin of a style groove. My own seems to be bootleg trousers, shirts and cardigans – it’s almost a uniform. But I always seem to buy patterns for (and make) dresses. Should perhaps try and line up the sewing groove with the actual style groove more often!

  4. I found it ironic that after taking the time to really research what would look good on me and figure out my style and my fashion personality and all that info, it still wasn’t the final answer because my “rut” gets boring. I try to shake it up with some added details or different fabrics or just a little something to make it more edgy. I notice for a special event, I go straight away to those “rut” lines. I know they work.

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