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Posting on the blog is going to be a bit spotty for the next couple of weeks – I have a pile of teaching and report-writing to catch up on and haven’t touched the sewing machine for a while. I am really looking forward to the end of the academic year so I can start […]

Fabric selvedge


Just had to share this. I got out the boring black poplin I bought last weekend in order to prewash it, and noticed this on the selvedge: Who knew the Evil Empire made fabric? Seriously though, I can’t find out anything about this via Google. Anyone know if it’s a manufacturer or a type of […]

I finally sewed up my muslin of Burda 132-04-2011. And the result is a resounding meh. The line art is below. The original pattern is designed for leather, and maybe this is the problem. My muslin, obviously, is in a woven: a fairly coarse, loose weave fabric that feels like linen or a linen blend. […]

Thanks for all the wise comments about how much yardage to buy. Good advice, which I have completely failed to take. Karen of Did You Make That? organised a great trip to Goldhawk Road yesterday. There were about 30 sewists and we had a great time scouring the shops for fabric and talking about sewing. […]

My muslin of Burda 132-04-2011 is still sitting there, looking at me accusingly. And I’m still pretending I can’t see it. Ever have a pattern you just can’t seem to get started with? I don’t think there’s anything really wrong with the pattern, I know I like this style and I love the fabric. I’m […]

I’ve been procrastinating. A week ago I cut out the pieces for a muslin of Burda 132-04-2011. There are a lot of them. Sixteen main pieces, plus the pockets. The original pattern was for leather but I shall be making mine in a black stretch woven, so the real thing will have even more bits […]

Style ruts


Vogue UK used to regularly run articles about getting out of style ruts. These are or were pretty formulaic: take one woman (usually someone who already writes for Vogue) who is allegedly stuck in a style rut. Get her to wear anything other than her preferred style of clothes for a month. This is usually […]