The camera lies – McCall’s 5975

What is it about cameras not reproducing reality?

This weekend I didn’t do the things I was supposed to be doing and instead whipped up McCall’s 5975. And whipped up is right – this is a seriously quick and easy pattern to make. It’s out of print, which is a shame, because despite the fact it’s not turned out the way I hoped it would I think this is a really good pattern.

When I got it originally I was looking for something to replace a much-loved red wool cowl-necked dress that was eaten by moths. But the new dress, sadly, is not it.

McCalls 5975

I think it looks OK in the photos, but in real life I’m not in love with it. It is a bit better without the belt.

McCalls 5975

I’m not sure what isn’t working about it. Does it need shorter sleeves? Shorter hem? A different belt? Different colour? Or maybe I just need put lipstick on in the mornings rather than only for photos.

I’m not giving up on this pattern yet. It is so close to what I’m looking for that I think the right tweak will produce the perfect dress. If only I knew what it was.

6 thoughts on “The camera lies – McCall’s 5975

  1. I love it, especially photographed against the grey-blue door. Maybe it needs a hanger fix. Hang it in your spare closet where you can’t see it. Take it out in a month. You will love it then.

  2. I wish my camera would lie so well! The dress looks great, I agree with the others, just put the dress aside for a bit and come back to it with fresh eyes. Maybe you are feeling it should have been harder to sew!

  3. This looks lovely and thanks for your comment on my blog, as it led me here! Looking forward to seeing what else you create.

  4. I would raise the waistline to just above the natural waist, that would make it shorter and give it a completely different look.
    just my 2cents worth, Australian cents that is.

    1. That’s a thought…I was wondering if the bodice was still too long. Thanks!

      I am going to take everyone’s advice and put it away for a bit and then see what I think after a few weeks. The weather is unseasonably hot here right now anyway 🙂

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