A whiter shade of pale?

I finally got some reasonable photos of the white dress. The weather in the UK turned a lot greyer which probably helped, although I’d rather we still had the sun!

Simplicity 2833
Simplicity 2833

I haven’t got the fit quite right but it’s wearable. I think I overdid adjusting for my narrow shoulders so next time I’d trace a size up in that area. The pattern itself runs true to size.

I really like the lapped zip. I will definitely do that again. I usually do an invisible zip on all centre back zips, but this is neater and easier, although probably slower to sew.

I’m just not sure what to wear the dress with. These blue shoes are the best out of the ones I’ve got. It would probably look better with white patent leather shoes or boots, but that’s not the most practical option even if I could find a pair!

6 thoughts on “A whiter shade of pale?

  1. I think it works fine with the blue shoes. And perrsonally I’d also try it with the red ones you’ve got… that’s if I’m remembering right that you had red ones.

  2. I like the blue shoes. Have you tried it with leggings? might work nicely with the blue flats too.

  3. On the fit, and trying to behelpful and not rude, bust darts tend to look better (ie less visible and shape the garment better) if they finish about an inch away fom the bust point (in both directions if there are two). That way they release the fabric for your curves in the the right place and you don’t risk the “cold weather” effect.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, not rude at all! You are quite right about the darts. It’s a bad habit of mine to sew the things too far up because I have such trouble tapering them. This is why I prefer princess seams for shaping 🙂

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