The devil’s own hue – white dresses

I’ve been making a lovely reissued sixties pattern, Simplicity 3833. It’s a fairly simple A-line minidress with a nice bodice detail. I’m doing the long-sleeved version in the mini length.

I used an ivory-coloured stretch cotton. The idea came from a black and white photo I saw of someone wearing very much this style in white. I think it was taken in the late sixties. It looks elegant and a bit Courrèges on the lady in the picture so I thought it was well worth imitating.

I’m quite pleased with my version, but I cannot get a usable photo of it. We’ve had a couple of tries under different lights, but the shots come out overexposed. Very frustrating. I remember reading somewhere “white is the devil’s own hue to paint” and the same seems to be true of photography. (After some checking I found out it was Dorothy Parker, of all people, in a story called The Custard Heart.)

So as I can’t show you the dress properly here’s the one decent picture I do have, a close-up of the bodice sitting on my dressform.

Anyone got any tips for photographing white dresses? I’ve tried outdoors and indoors…I’m wondering if I need to wait for a day with no sun.

2 thoughts on “The devil’s own hue – white dresses

  1. I may not know what I’m talking about, but I think if you try to get your camera’s light meter to focus on the white rather than the background, you’ll get a better picture. Worth trying, anyway.

    I have this pattern but haven’t made it, yet. Now I’m motivated to. I love it!

  2. I have no idea (as a quick look at any of my photos will tell you!), but don’t worry too much, we are here for the sewing and want to see your dress!! Seems a shame to wish for a non sunny day, but I agree it might help.

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