New Vogues and an ambitious resolution

So the summer 2011 Vogues are out, and every other sewing blogger has been picking their favourites. I’m always fascinated to see the collection through other people’s eyes so I hope you’ll put up with me posting mine.

I have a very bad habit of going on a mini spending spree when the new patterns come out and then not actually making up all of the ones I buy, so this time I have tried really hard to pick things I think I really will get round to sewing and wearing. In three months time you may point and laugh!

I think this one, Vogue 1239, is my favourite pattern of the new ones, and funnily enough probably the one I’m most likely to buy and then never sew. It looks fantastic but I’m not sure how wearable it is. The model looks like she works in a sterile room. I work with computers, which suck up dust like little vacuum cleaners and shed it when you open the case.

Vogue 1239 pattern photo

Then there is Vogue 1250. Can you ever have enough cowl-necked knit dresses?
Vogue 1250 pattern photo

I am tempted to make 1240 for a wedding I’m going to this summer. I’m not sure if it’s the pattern or the fabric that appeals to me though. I do like a black and white print.
Vogue 1240 pattern photo

Finally I think 8727 might be a good starting point for my skull print fabric. I like the full-skirted views. I haven’t got nearly enough fabric for them, so the skirt would to have to be adjusted to fit onto my yardage.
Vogue 8727 pattern photo

So there they are. I’m pleased I got it down to four. What are your favourites?

5 thoughts on “New Vogues and an ambitious resolution

  1. I am just the same and it seems like Vogue only brought out their spring ones a month ago so I really have some catching up to do. Like you I try and be restrained now and not just buy everything I like, but ones that I am likely to make and will work on me. I will remember which ones they are when they get here but that red DK dress is definitely one of them!

  2. I agree with you about the appeal of 1239. It is a lovely dress from the front. From the back, I worry about those huge sleeves that come almost to the waist. I think I would look like I’d been swallowed up. I considered ordering it, but decided that I wouldn’t actually make it. I did get 2 DKNY’s: 1235 and 1236. The red dress is very pretty, but I think cowls swallow up my narrow shoulders, so passed on it. I got 1241 and 8732 as well. 1240 is quite elegant and I think you could pull it off.

  3. I agree with BeccaA. – 1239 seems like it could turn out a little 1980’s with those sleeves. I can’t decide if that would be a good thing or a bad thing. The light color keeps it modern looking, but I hear you about the dust-bunny-assaults.

  4. Bought Vogue 1239 because I am a true hourglass figure which this style works for me. Have problem with the layout. The pieces are not all identified on the page for layout. How do you ask the company about the directions? Pattern Review has not reviewed this pattern and I cannot find anyone online who has actually made this pattern. Anyone have ideas?

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