My evil twin

This is the dress my evil twin in a parallel universe would wear.

Vogue 8319

This is my second version of Vogue 8319, yet another sleeveless sheath dress.
Version 1 has been one of my all time favourite dresses. I made it in a bright orange and blue doubleknit. Sorry about the murky photo. Hopefully you get the idea.

Vogue 8319

Version 2 is made out of two black fabrics. They have very different textures to provide a contrast. The sides are a very heavy wool jersey. It’s got a very matt surface and is so thick it all but stands up on its own. The front panel and shoulder yokes are in a very thin neoprene which is fairly smooth and so catches the light a bit more. At least it was sold to me as neoprene, but it seems to lack the central foam layer that provides the padding and insulation in what I think of as neoprene. You certainly wouldn’t want to make a wetsuit or a laptop bag out of it. The upside of this variety is that it’s very easy to sew as you can treat it like a thick doubleknit. I used a size 90 universal needle on this one and sewed regular seams using my machine’s stretch stitch. It doesn’t drape very well, but it also doesn’t crease.

I modified the original pattern slightly. You can see from the envelope picture that the princess seams don’t go all the way down to the hem.

I also took the zip out of the back as it’s not needed.

Vogue 8319

I made facings out of the doubleknit to finish the neck and arm edges, but left it unhemmed.

However as my evil twin has yet to put in an appearance, I just have to wear the dress myself. It’s a hard life.

4 thoughts on “My evil twin

  1. What a great dress! I love the contrasting fabrics in the same color. Your evil twin is quite chic.

  2. I LOVE it. One of my favorites among all the dresses you made. I might just have to make my own version.

  3. That looks stunning on you. I love the two blacks. I would never have thought of that and will keep that combo filed away for future use! Beautiful.

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