Photographic frustration

The weather was really nice this weekend so I tried to get some pictures of my most recent project, a long-sleeved version of Burda’s September cover dress. This is a knit dress with all the shaping in horizontal curved seams which wrap around the body. I’ve previously made the sleeveless version in neoprene. The new one is made from a mystery grey two-way stretch knit I bought last year on Goldhawk Road.

I don’t know what it is about this dress. My husband likes it and I’ve had several compliments when wearing it, including a lovely one from someone who turned out to have no idea I make my own clothes but wanted a dress like mine! But it does not photograph well. These are the best shots out of a rather large number; I am much too vain to post the worse ones.

When I finished sewing it I wasn’t quite sure about it at first, but other people being positive about it persuaded me that it was wearable in public. My favourite feature is the extra-long sleeves with thumb-holes. I hadn’t intended to make those, but I made the sleeves far too long by mistake and decided to keep the extra length. They are not as good at keeping my hands warm as I’d hoped, but they add an unusual touch. I think they are a bit more obvious in this picture.

Here’s a back view. The side and back are a bit wrinkly because I think I stretched out some of the curved seams when sewing it. In some of the other shots the wrinkles are doing some really odd things. I have deleted all of those lest they ever escape onto the Internet.

Funny how these things turn out. I shall continue to wear the dress despite the pictures!