What couldn’t you make for yourself?

Quite a few of the people whose blogs I read are taking part in Me-made-March, a project where you push yourself to wear one (or two, or more) home-made or refashioned items every day in March and photograph the results. I always like looking at what other people are wearing so I’m really enjoying seeing the result.

I’m far too disorganised to take enough photographs to take part in this myself, but it got me thinking about how far it could be taken. How many of the items that you wear every day could you reasonably make if you wanted to?

For me, one item per day is normal. I mainly wear (home-made) dresses and skirts, usually with a purchased long-sleeved t-shirt and occasionally with a home-made cardigan on top. Two items would be doable: dress or skirt plus cardi, although I’d have to make a few more cardis to get through a whole month of wearing two home-made items a day.

Three items? Theoretically I could make all my t-shirts, although there’s no point spending scarce sewing time on that when I can easily buy plain cotton ones that work under dresses.

Four? Coats would have to count I think. I’ve never made one but I do have a copy of the Lady Grey coat pattern in my stash so there’s always a possibility that I might.

For five you could probably count accessories – handbags are doable. My mum makes great bags. I know some people make their own underwear and that looks achievable, if somewhat fiddly. Some people even knit their own socks and I am in awe of the patience required to do that.

But what on earth could we do to replace tights? I can’t think of anything.

2 thoughts on “What couldn’t you make for yourself?

  1. I’m actually a little weary of the me-made phenomenon. I think this is the third round of it and I generally skip those posts. I want to see Sewing projects with a capital S! 😉

    But in answer to your question about tights… I think someone wrote a tutorial on it for kids, but I don’t know if it would translate to adults.

    Once I start making more tops, I think it is highly likely that I will wear at least one item every day that I have made. And that would make me really proud and pleased.

  2. The idea of Me Made tights is giving me horrible visions. Knitted? Eek. Leggings may be doable. I’m like you in finding the concept of trying to wear something you have made every day for a month and photographing yourself interesting, but being too disorganised to do the photographing.

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