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One of my colleagues drew my attention to a really interesting project called Continuum. The idea is that you go to a website, scribble a drawing of a dress, and a program translates that into a pattern sized to your measurements. You can then download the pattern and sew the dress. It’s only a demo […]

I’ve been making a top inspired by this outfit from Blake’s 7. For those who weren’t brought up in Britain in the late 70s/early 80s, this was a TV science fiction series known for its dark themes, strong characters, and spectacularly silly costumes. This is one of the more wearable ones. The character is Jenna, […]

Funny how things work out with patterns. I bought Vogue 1195 a while ago in a fit of misguided enthusiasm. It’s a pattern for a very simple dress and a big flappy top; I bought it in order to make the top even though it’s really not my style. I never found suitable fabric for […]

The weather was really nice this weekend so I tried to get some pictures of my most recent project, a long-sleeved version of Burda’s September cover dress. This is a knit dress with all the shaping in horizontal curved seams which wrap around the body. I’ve previously made the sleeveless version in neoprene. The new […]

One thing I have a lot of trouble with in sewing is finding the right fabric. I don’t know enough about fabric. I can tell a knit from a woven. I remember enough of my GCSE Creative Textiles to know the difference between a plain weave, a twill weave, and a satin weave. But I […]

I’ve been making another version of the Burda September 2010 cover dress. This has been a fairly popular pattern in the sewing blogosphere – there have been quite a few reviews on Pattern Review. I’ve previously made the dress and the matching skirt in neoprene. However I wanted another long-sleeved dress and I had some […]

Quite a few of the people whose blogs I read are taking part in Me-made-March, a project where you push yourself to wear one (or two, or more) home-made or refashioned items every day in March and photograph the results. I always like looking at what other people are wearing so I’m really enjoying seeing […]