Very little black dress

Here’s the final version of Burda 122-09-2010 in neoprene. I had lots of trouble finding shoes that go with it. I have tried on practically every pair I own and it looks best with these wedge ankle boots. Bizarre.

Burda 122 09/2010

Since the trial version I’ve made a few adjustments.
You can’t see a whole lot in these photos as the dress is black, but the number of wrinkles in the back is greatly reduced.

Burda 122 09/2010

I did end up taking width out of the back waist. I really didn’t want to put a zip in so I was pleased to find it is still possible to get it on and off without a zip, although it involves a lot of undignified tugging. However once the dress is on it is very comfortable, and the thick fabric is great – no visible lines from what’s underneath despite the close fit.

Hopefully the seamlines are a little clearer on this photo. You can also just see the red underside of the fabric around the shoulder. I’m calling it a Christian Louboutin homage.

Burda 122 09/2010

I ended up making the final version out of the old, creased neoprene I made the trial run from because my newer piece turned out to be much too thin to work with this pattern. The old stuff is about 2mm thick whereas the new stuff is so thin you can barely see that there’s a layer of foam in there at all. I’ll have to find something else to do with it.

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