Feeling blue – Vogue 1087 finished

Here is my finished version of Vogue 1087

Vogue 1087

I am surprised by how much I like the dart detail on the back. The darts are sewn on the right side of the fabric rather than the wrong side and caught in the waist seam. It adds interest to the back of the dress which would otherwise be quite plain.

Vogue 1087

One thing the back view demonstrates is that it really matters to cut knits using a one-way layout. My fabric is a very plain blue wool jersey that doesn’t have any obvious directionality. The back shoulder pieces of the dress wrap right over from the front, so the nap on the back shoulders runs in the opposite direction to that on the bodice back pieces. Some of the photos show quite a big colour difference between the shoulders and the back, although the one above isn’t too bad.

Here’s a slightly closer view of the wrapped section.

Vogue 1087

It’s a well drafted pattern. The neckline is low but it doesn’t gap or shift. It does need a good bra though. A balcony style one works best; I found the straps showed with other styles.
Despite being made for knits, the dress is quite structured. The extended shoulders remind me of their existence every time I raise my arms! I’m not totally sure where this is going to fit into my wardrobe yet. It might become the dress for the very rare occasions when I need to look slightly smart at work.

I’m going to sew something simpler next!

6 thoughts on “Feeling blue – Vogue 1087 finished

  1. It looks fantastic. I love that blue and it looks great with your complexion. I definitely agree with knits and one way layout. I found the same thing with the doubleknit dress I recently sewed. Beautiful dress!

  2. Hi Catherine,
    I agree with everyones comments a good shape and style on you, just a small issue that I have is the hemline, for me it could have been deeper just to give a tailored finished.

    Colleen G lea

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