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Here’s the final version of Burda 122-09-2010 in neoprene. I had lots of trouble finding shoes that go with it. I have tried on practically every pair I own and it looks best with these wedge ankle boots. Bizarre. Since the trial version I’ve made a few adjustments. You can’t see a whole lot in […]

I’m making Burda 122-09-2010, which is a knit dress with all the shaping in the seamlines, in neoprene. This is my trial run, made from an old piece of neoprene which got creased in storage. I’m wearing it inside-out in the pictures because the right side is black and wouldn’t photograph very clearly, whereas the […]

Thanks everyone for the nice comments about Vogue 1087! I said I was going to sew something simpler next, and my plan is to make this Burda dress. It’s from the September 2010 issue. I already made the matching skirt in neoprene. It was a success, so I thought I’d try to make the dress […]

Here is my finished version of Vogue 1087 I am surprised by how much I like the dart detail on the back. The darts are sewn on the right side of the fabric rather than the wrong side and caught in the waist seam. It adds interest to the back of the dress which would […]

Vogue 1087 is finished. I haven’t got any pictures yet because by the time I’d hemmed it there was no daylight at all, so instead I’ll tell you all about What Not To Do While Sewing Vogue 1087. Here’s the envelope picture: My fabric is a dark blue wool jersey. It hides a multitude of […]

I pinched this post title from a friend of mine who once described the Argos catalogue as ‘the catalogue of dreams’. For those not in the UK, I should explain that Argos is a UK retailer that sells just about anything you can think of. You pick your goods from a huge catalogue rather than […]

Purple peril


Thanks everyone for all the suggestions about making buttons stay put. There are quite a few things there that I haven’t tried yet, so I’m going to have another go at the ones on my husband’s coat. Meanwhile my muslin of Vogue 1087 is finished! Here’s the envelope photo. Here it is on my dressform. […]