Which scifi show is this from?

Blue and orange doubleknit dress

Extensive googling has failed to find me pictures of anything remotely like this dress, but I have a steadily increasing suspicion I have ripped off some 70s scifi tv show here. Hence the boots; I figure I might as well embrace the look in all its cheesy glory. Anyone recognise it? And should I be ashamed?

The boots are surprisingly comfortable, although I’ll admit I haven’t done much more than pose for pictures in them since extracting them from the pile of old shoes at the bottom of the wardrobe. I’ve had them for at least 15 years but haven’t worn them for a long time. They were from Dolcis, who have long ago closed their shop in my town.

Blue and orange doubleknit dress
Blue and orange doubleknit dress

The dress is made from a pattern I adapted from McCall’s 2401 to use up this blue and orange doubleknit that’s been sitting in my stash for a while. It was inspired by the seamlines on Burda 114-11-2010, which is a long-sleeved sheath dress with the shoulder detail, but is meant to be made up in something shiny and slippery as an evening gown.

Sewing the shoulder pieces was harder than I expected, but I treated it just like making princess seams (staystitch along the seamlines, clip the seam allowances to the stitching, and baste carefully before actually sewing) and it came out OK although it took a while. I set the sleeves in flat and didn’t use a zip. The dress goes on easily over my head. I also didn’t bother with facings at the neckline; just turned under the seam allowance and stitched with my twin needle. The hem and sleeves are finished with wide folded-over bands so no other hemming was involved!

I’m pretty pleased with this. It’s comfortable and should be wearable for work with flat boots. Most importantly, it has long sleeves. The weather may be almost warm round here right now but winter in the UK is far from over.

3 thoughts on “Which scifi show is this from?

  1. This is YOU! I love it, or as Woody Allen would say, even more, lurve it. it goes with your hair, you figure, and your modernist zeigeist! Make another in black/white, grey and steel blue, whatever, and then armed with a week’s worth of Lieutenant Uhura fashion pieces, shove Captain Kirk aside from the command chair, and go out there, girl and conquer the universe!
    This is what’s so great about sewing, you can find your thing and make it rock.
    Again, I love it, sincerely.

  2. I instantly thought Star Trek too – not a bad thing in my book! I made an orange/black top that was very similar once upon a time. I love your colour combo – it looks great on you.

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