Neoprene skirt

Burda 116-09-2010

Here’s my finished neoprene skirt. (Details on how I sewed the neoprene are here.) The pattern is from BurdaStyle September 2010, pattern 116. The neoprene’s creased because I left it folded up in my fabric stash for much too long, but it doesn’t show too badly. Creases in neoprene are permanent – apparently the little bubbles in the structure collapse if you put too much pressure on them and then that’s it.

Excuse the silly face I am pulling in the next picture, not quite sure what happened there!


The skirt is really warm. I was glad of that when I wore it to a New Year’s Eve barbecue! It’s also very comfortable. I think this would be OK for wearing to work in winter as my workplace is very casual.

I’m not sure what I’ll be sewing next except that it’s got to be warm – the weather round here is still pretty chilly. Time to drag the stash out and find a piece of wool!

4 thoughts on “Neoprene skirt

  1. This looks awesome! I love that it’s neoprene. What a great idea. And I think that pattern is perfect for that fabric. Great pairing!

  2. Where did u find the neoprene?? I scuba dive and was thinking about neoprene bustiers for female divers.

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