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I started sewing my own clothes in part because I wanted very particular styles that weren’t available in the shops. I had a definite image of what I wanted to sew and for a while I made that. And very good it is too being able to make things in silver fabric and that actually […]

Here are a couple of pictures of my finished version of Vogue 8634. I am pleased with the way it turned out in the end. This could be a real instant gratification pattern if you don’t spend ages fussing with the collar like I did! For my next project I’m taking on something that’s quite […]

I’ve always really liked cowl necklines. Years ago I had a fabulous Vivienne Westwood red wool jersey dress which had a very large and drapey cowl neck. The moths destroyed the dress years ago and the style is no longer available in the shops, but I’m always on the lookout for something similar. Here’s a […]

Sleeve lengths


Thanks for all the lovely comments about what I am going to have to call the Star Trek dress from now on! My next project was a very plain long-sleeved T-shirt made from black wool jersey. I still buy T-shirts in the shops but it’s very difficult to find ones that are long enough in […]

Extensive googling has failed to find me pictures of anything remotely like this dress, but I have a steadily increasing suspicion I have ripped off some 70s scifi tv show here. Hence the boots; I figure I might as well embrace the look in all its cheesy glory. Anyone recognise it? And should I be […]

This is the story of how I started off with a pattern for an elegant evening dress and ended up with something out of Star Trek. Below is the line art for Burda 114-11-2010, which was the starting point for my second attempt to reduce my fabric stash over the Christmas holidays. The original is […]

I was going to sew from my stash for a bit. I wasn’t doing too badly: I made the neoprene skirt, and I have cut out and started sewing a knit dress (of which more later) from a piece of blue doubleknit I have had for a long time. But the opportunity to go to […]