2010 sewing review

I love looking at other people’s ‘what I sewed this year’ posts. I think there are a couple of reasons. Some of it is just the inspiration factor of seeing all the beautiful garments people have produced. The other reason is that I really like the extra context you get from seeing all of a person’s projects together.

I was going to do my own ‘what I sewed this year’ post. I estimated I’d made about six dresses and a few skirts and other bits and pieces. Then I counted. Sixteen dresses, four skirts, one shirt, one cardigan, and a jumpsuit. And that doesn’t include the failures I didn’t finish. I’m not really sure where I found the time for all that! Anyway I’m not going to inflict the lot on you, just the ones I made in 2010 before I started blogging.

Burda 112-12-2009 skirt. Not a complete success but it got some wear, usually with a flouncy blouse rather than this T-shirt.


Vogue 8512. I’ve worn this to death, usually as a layer over a bright orange t-shirt dress. The terrible lighting in the photo doesn’t do it justice. I really should make this again.


McCall’s 5241 one-hour cardigan. Love this, although it’s basically a blanket with sleeves. It’s made out of a wool-blend jersey and is really warm.


Burda 119-10-2009. I was really pleased with this dress.


Vogue 2091. This was a disaster because I didn’t make a muslin.


Simplicity 3775. There’s a reason this was one of Pattern Review’s patterns of the year in 2007. I have worn this dress a lot. It’s warm and cosy, but smart enough to wear when I need to look like I’ve made a bit of an effort.


Vogue 8594. A long long slog that produced an OK dress at the end. I wore it a lot in the warm weather but the fit problems are starting to annoy me.


Vogue 8633. My favourite pattern. I made this one twice. The fit isn’t quite right in this version but unlike the previous one I don’t notice it.


Here it is again in silver silk dupion. I have worn this out of the house on more than one occasion. This is a bit of a cheat because I have blogged about it, but not while I was making it.

And that’s it for ones you’ve not seen before.

2 thoughts on “2010 sewing review

  1. I too love all the 2010 retrospectives going around. I wear my burda skirt all the time to work. That last dress, what’s the fabric? It looks so cool!

    1. It was described as a silk dupion, but it is actually mainly lurex. There are silk threads in it but they’re black. It ravels like nothing on earth. I still find little threads of silver lurex on the sewing room floor even half a year later! I do love it though; I’m a sucker for anything shiny.

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