Emergency sewing supplies

Being on holiday from work but at home means I have some extra sewing time. However I have no projects lined up after the current skirt (about a third of the way though and progressing rather slowly) as I was intending to go fabric shopping in London after Christmas and see what inspired me, and at the moment the weather in the UK is sufficiently bad that I can’t rely on being able to do that.

This means if any sewing is going to happen over the break it will have to be from my fabric stash, or whatever John Lewis in town can supply. John Lewis’ fabrics are lovely high quality things, but the range is extremely limited and the prices are much too high to take a chance on fabric that’s not quite right, so realistically I’m going to be going through the stash. This is a combination of random bits of impractical fabric I bought on impulse, and the leftovers from the many, many projects where I overestimated the required yardage.

I don’t have a notions stash other than a collection of chunky dress-length zips, so I ventured into town today to buy some emergency notions. Not knowing what I’m going to be sewing makes this a bit tricky, but I came back with two skirt-length black zips, one invisible, one not, and the reel of red thread I need in order to complete the current skirt. I must be able to find enough usable fabric for a couple of skirts in the stash. If I do manage to reduce the stash I’ll report back at the end of the holidays!

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