Matching induced exhaustion

I finally started getting somewhere with my tartan dress. I made the cowl neck bodice, sewed the skirt to the bodice, and basted the centre back seam prior to starting on the zip.

That might not sound like very much but it went very slowly because of having to match the pattern at the seams. I pinned every centimetre, basted, pulled bits out, basted again…and it’s still not 100% matched. Thank goodness the bodice front is on the bias so I didn’t have to match that to anything.

I’m pleased with the cowl neck. The side seams are just pinned at the moment to make it hang correctly.

Here’s the full length view:

With 20-20 hindsight I think I should have put the centre front of the skirt on the bias and had a seam there. On the other hand, having to match yet another seam might have caused me to give up in despair!

Here’s the back with the centre back seam basted. There is going to be an exposed zip there when the dress is finished.

This has photographed oddly. I think the stripes look more matched in real life but maybe that’s just wishful thinking. I was always intending to wear the dress with a belt so it will be much less obvious when it’s done that the stripes don’t quite line up.

I need a lie down now.

3 thoughts on “Matching induced exhaustion

  1. That is gorgeous. Ir reminds me of the Pertshire Dress that is now sold out at Anthropologie, which I have been wanting to knock off. I like your neckline better than anthro’s.

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