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I love looking at other people’s ‘what I sewed this year’ posts. I think there are a couple of reasons. Some of it is just the inspiration factor of seeing all the beautiful garments people have produced. The other reason is that I really like the extra context you get from seeing all of a […]

Just before Christmas I finished what will probably be the last project of 2010, another version of my knockoff of the Vivienne Westwood Philosopy skirt, this time made out of the fabric left over from the tartan dress project. I tweaked the pattern from my previous attempt. I pegged the skirt hem a little, although […]

Being on holiday from work but at home means I have some extra sewing time. However I have no projects lined up after the current skirt (about a third of the way though and progressing rather slowly) as I was intending to go fabric shopping in London after Christmas and see what inspired me, and […]

Dream fabric


I often find myself imagining a project and then being completely unable to find suitable fabric to produce it with. We’re fairly short on fabric shops where I live so serious fabric shopping means taking a whole day and travelling to London. I know a lot of people buy online, but I find I really […]

After finishing the tartan dress I had quite a lot of the fabric left over. It’s a polyester/viscose tartan bought from Remnant Kings in Glasgow. I was casting round for something to make out of it and eventually decided to do another version of my Vivienne Westwood Philosophy skirt knockoff. Tartan is a very Westwood […]

80s flashback


I finished the tartan dress. The background to this is that few years ago (long before I started sewing) I saw a Yohji Yamamoto dress in Selfridges that I really liked but couldn’t possibly afford. I can barely remember a lot of the details now, but this is my take on the features that did […]

The zip is IN


I have produced the first half decent exposed zip I’ve ever managed! I can really recommend the exposed zip technique at (it’s a PDF so you’ll need Acrobat Reader or Foxit or similar to view). This is for the kind of exposed zip where the zip is installed under the fashion fabric, like an […]