Impractical shoes

6199642Remember the not entirely successful 1970s jumpsuit project? Elizabeth and Inkstain gave me some great advice about how to fix the problems, and here is the new improved version.

I’ve taken in the side seams a lot between the waist and knee, and also shaved a bit off the inside leg above the knee. I also took the centre front seam in a bit below the zip.

I found a pair of chunky platform sandals lurking at the bottom of the wardrobe. It’s amazing what a difference the right shoes make with this garment. I tried it with wedges and they looked very strange. This very square heel seems to be just right. And the extra four inches of height probably doesn’t hurt either.


Thanks, everyone!

3 thoughts on “Impractical shoes

  1. I think the jumpsuit looks fabulous now. You found the right height heel to carry the swish of the legs. Now it all looks correctly proportioned and successfully glamorous. One more tip: dangly earrings, preferably 60/early 70ish black/white balls hanging on a thin chain, or large black/white circles. You have a great geometric panache with this outfit, and a little more interest above the waist will balance it even more. Remember, these styles were worn by women who had “big” hair or like Twiggy or Mia Farrow, dramatic earrings.
    Way to go!
    What’s next?

  2. Hi Catherine

    Your jumpsuit looks great on you. It’s a really good fit now, and you carry the style off so well. Not many people could, I think.

    Though I have been quiet, I’ve still been reading all your posts with interest. I’ll be back blogging soon. I just don’t seem to have had a sec to spare for sewing and blogging for ages. I don’t know what’s happened! I have piles of fabric and patterns but no time…

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