Leftover skirt

6166224This is Burda 124-02-2010, made up out of the leftover fabric from my red dress project. I had just enough thread, fashion fabric, and lining left to make this skirt, and I already had the magazine the pattern came from, so all I needed to buy was the zip!

It’s a basic pencil skirt pattern. The only interest comes from the use of insets instead of darts for shaping.


These were fiddly to sew and the result gets lost in the textured fabric, so I might as well have used a pattern with darts and not had the aggravation of sewing the insets. You can barely see them in a full length view. However I think they’d look nice in a smoother fabric, maybe with top stitching.

The waist has creased quite a bit, but when these photos were taken I’d been wearing it for a few hours hunched over my marking so that was probably inevitable.


This was my first attempt at altering a petite pattern to fit me, and I think I overlooked something. I added length between the waist and hip lines to make the pattern match my hip depth, but I didn’t take anything off the length below the hip line. I could hardly walk in my version when hemmed just above the knee. This pattern is very fitted and doesn’t include any vents or slits for walking ease. That might have been OK on someone petite, although I have my doubts, but I ended up cutting a lot off.

I really need a long-sleeved black top to wear with this though. The weather’s much too cold for short sleeves!

4 thoughts on “Leftover skirt

  1. I like your skirt, but like you, I’d be a bit annoyed at not seeing the insets too well. Especially after spending all the time to set them in so nicely. I reckon top-stitching would look great.

  2. I love a red skirt, and yours looks great! I think the seams look ok as they are, but you could probably still enhance them with some edgestitching.

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