Attack of the not quite 50 foot woman


Here is my finished 1971 jumpsuit pattern in all its glory, next to the original. It’s Simplicity 9369. Simplicity’s model looks like she’s nine feet tall; just compare her with me (a mere 5 feet ten inches). The fact that the picture on the envelope photo seems to have been taken from knee height is probably helping her a bit. That’s my excuse anyway.

And here is the back view:


I’m glad I made this because it was fun, and I’m very pleased I managed to finish it despite the fitting problems, but it hasn’t turned out as glamorous as I’d hoped. I think I’ll keep it for lounging around the house on very lazy weekends!

4 thoughts on “Attack of the not quite 50 foot woman

  1. Dear Catherine,
    I actually wore something like around UCSC in 1973 and I have a few tips. Such wide pants were not meant in our day to be pooling around our feet, so shorten these a bit as in the photo. We balanced the wide leg with solid or thick-soled, heeled shoes, e.g. wear platforms, chunky-heeled two-inch? boots, or fashionable clogs or anything with a grounded but lenthening look, (nothing dainty, pointed or thin-heeled.) You’ll see what the right shoes do to make sense of the whole silhouette.
    Also, I think you’ve skipped the shoulder pads which are in evidence in the photo and would bring that funnel neckline back up.

  2. Hmmm… I hope you don’t mind me making a recommendation. To my inexperienced fitting eye, I think you need to take some of the volume out of the wide pant legs. I think they are overwhelming you. If you do that, the jumpsuit would look more like the pattern envelope. I also admire your adventuresome spirit!

  3. Thanks very much for the suggestions! On looking at it again I think those will make a big difference. I will certainly give them a go and come back with more pictures. I so want this to work 🙂

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