Hack and slash

At the weekend I was wondering what to do about my jumpsuit that had come out hugely too long in the torso. After sleeping on it I decided to go with cutting it in half at the waist and lifting up the bottom half. It’s not brilliant but it seems to have worked well enough that the results will be wearable. Here it is before the adjustments:

And here it is after. Chopping the whole thing in half was quite fun once I’d convinced myself it was the only possible fix.

Sorry about the photo by the way. We tried and tried but they all came out pretty badly. This one had to be lightened a huge amount to show the detail which I think is why the colour is off.

It still needs to come in a bit at the side seams. You can see there are some gathers under the sash at the waist. I’ve already taken about two inches out from the centre back seam at the waist and pulled the front up nearly three inches! Thank goodness it’s black fabric so the strange distortions of the grain aren’t too obvious.

It’s all just basted together at the moment, and you can probably see the pins holding the end of the zip if you look hard in the photo. I need to take it apart and sew things like the darts and zip in properly now, then do another fitting. However I’ve tried it on about ten times tonight already so I’m stopping for the moment. I’ll have another go at it in a few days.