Fitting puzzle

On Saturday I basted together the pieces for my jumpsuit project to check the fit (with the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack playing for extra inspiration!) This is my first attempt at trousers. However I’d measured and adjusted the pattern really carefully, and I don’t think I have any huge fitting issues with RTW trousers other than length – at least I can usually find jeans that fit me. So I figured it would probably work OK and so didn’t take extra large seam allowances. You can guess what’s coming. Here’s what it’s meant to look like:

Imagine my complete amazement when the crotch curve of the jumpsuit turned out to be about four inches too low – but only at the front! The back was a little low but nothing compared to the front. I should not only not have lengthened the front pattern pieces, I probably should have shortened them a bit. Here it is on me:

I am really failing to understand how this happened. I don’t have this problem with dresses. I’m sure I’d have noticed my hems being four inches too long in front. The fit on the jumpsuit shoulders seems OK, which was where I was expecting problems. And other than being a bit big on the waist (which I expected) it seems to fit OK elsewhere too.

I think the situation might be savable by cutting the jumpsuit in half and creating a waist seam. Then I can lift the front more than the back. I’m not sure what that’s going to do to the grain, but since I appear to have cut the back slightly off-grain anyway I guess it can’t hurt too much. And if all else fails I can probably make the top half into a wearable tracksuit top.

I’m definitely going to sleep on this before taking the scissors to it though. Maybe I’m missing something here!

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  1. uhhhh, I hate when something like this happens! I encountered this problem on M6083 jumper I used view-C. When I tried it on, the crotch was near my knees!!! To salvage it, I cut it in half and moved it up higher to the the elastic in the bodice. It worked out ok for me, but your jumper is constructed different. Hope you find a better solution!

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