Shades of red

I seem to have been sewing Vogue 8667 forever. I had a day off work this week and thought I’d finish it easily then. Two days and one evening of sewing later, here it is.


I really like the collar. It’s an Easy Options pattern so there are instructions for a collarless version as well as the one I made, but I think the collar is what makes it special. The other options in the pattern are cap sleeves and a straight skirt. I will probably make the straight skirt version because although I’ve got a pile of other sheath dress patterns I’ve got the bodice fit right on this one.


I love the colour the pictures came out. I didn’t touch them up at all. The red wool fabric really works against the brick wall background. And I’m relieved my new hair colour doesn’t clash with the dress!


9 thoughts on “Shades of red

  1. Adorable dress! You did a fantastic job on the fit – all around great dress – and it does look a bit vintage, I think it’s the collar!

  2. Hiya – this is a gorgeous dress and its lovely to see such a vibrant colour too. It suits you wonderfully

  3. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments!

    The fabric is wool tweed. At least I think it’s tweed – it’s a twill weave in two shades of red. The threads are very soft and not very tightly twisted, and the weave is quite loose.

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