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Hemming woes


Hemming is my absolute least favourite part of sewing clothes. I get the impression that most people don’t mind it too much because they can do something else at the same time, but not me. I have to concentrate carefully on my stitching and even then my hems are never invisible. And that’s not even […]

I can’t remember where I came across this quote: Style can only be created at a risk, it’s a form of courage, it is an exposed and often indefensible position. I couldn’t find it in my dictionary of quotations, but Google (after a lot of searching) tells me it’s from Edwin Denby, a poet and […]

Self sabotage


After my last couple of projects I thought I’d go for something really quick and simple. Ideally a pattern that could be cut and sewn in a weekend. I need some more skirts and I have a yard of red wool left over from my Vogue 8667 dress. I went though all my Burdas in […]

Here is my finished 1971 jumpsuit pattern in all its glory, next to the original. It’s Simplicity 9369. Simplicity’s model looks like she’s nine feet tall; just compare her with me (a mere 5 feet ten inches). The fact that the picture on the envelope photo seems to have been taken from knee height is […]

Full throttle


I have finally finished the Simplicity 9369 jumpsuit. Unfortunately there are no pictures yet because it’s too dark. Hopefully I’ll have some for next time, if hopefully is the right word to use about images of me completely failing to look like a Charlie’s Angel. I was really surprised to get it finished this weekend. […]

Hack and slash


At the weekend I was wondering what to do about my jumpsuit that had come out hugely too long in the torso. After sleeping on it I decided to go with cutting it in half at the waist and lifting up the bottom half. It’s not brilliant but it seems to have worked well enough […]

Fitting puzzle


On Saturday I basted together the pieces for my jumpsuit project to check the fit (with the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack playing for extra inspiration!) This is my first attempt at trousers. However I’d measured and adjusted the pattern really carefully, and I don’t think I have any huge fitting issues with RTW trousers other than […]