Thank you Vogue

A while ago I mentioned wanting to knock off a tartan Yohji Yamamoto dress I saw in Selfridges years ago. I finally bought some fabric for it in Glasgow.

But the trouble is that once I started trying to sketch it I found I couldn’t recall very much detail about the style. It definitely had a full skirt and an exposed metal zipper down the front, and I think it had a V-shaped neckline at the front and back. I’ve googled for it but not come up with any pictures I can identify as that particular dress. My mental image of it is starting to morph into the Vivienne Westwood Sunday dress so I may not even be remembering the shape of the skirt correctly, never mind the rest.

I’m therefore giving up on trying to reproduce the original and am just going for a full skirted, sleeveless, tartan dress with an exposed zip. I really like the draped neckline of the Sunday dress so I’m going to put the zip in the back rather than the front. And it looks as though I won’t have to attempt to draft anything, because Vogue have got two patterns that between them do what I want.

First is Vogue 8413 which I think has been around for a while. I never really noticed it before because the picture on the envelope didn’t appeal to me. It’s an Easy Options style for wovens which includes a bodice option with a cowl neck. Here’s the line art.

Then in the new winter Vogues there’s Vogue 8701, a wardrobe pattern which includes a dress, trousers, skirt, and jacket. The dress is almost exactly the silhouette I’m after although once again I don’t like the envelope picture. Amazing how different something can look in the line art.

I’m hoping I can find a way to combine the two styles successfully, although I really want the skirt and bodice back of 8701 with the front of 8413 which might be a challenge! The new Vogues aren’t out in the UK yet so I’ve got some time to think about it.

4 thoughts on “Thank you Vogue

  1. Hi, I recently discovered your blog and I’m enjoying it. I like your aesthetic and your concept for that plaid. Just a couple of ideas for you in case you haven’t seen these before:

    Another sewing blogger found a Vogue pattern to use as a base for a knockoff of the Vivienne W. bodice. She made some cool tops:

    Also there’s a website called ShowStudio (that I find completely confusing), but they have pattern downloads for a few exciting designer items. I’m incapable of using the ShowStudio website to tell you where they are, but this other site linked to all of them last year:

    Your description of the Yohji Yamamoto dress almost rang a bell and I checked to see if ShowStudio had a pattern for something like that dress. Not exactly — they have a jacket by YY, and a dress by Junya Watanabe with a full skirt and an exposed zipper, but not quite what you described. Anyway the pattern pieces for the dress look interesting, and maybe you’d like to check it out:

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the plaid!

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