How fab is this?

Just a very quick post today as I’m writing this on a borrowed computer. I recently bought this amazing 70s pattern on impulse from ZipZapKap.

The more I look at this the more I want to make it, insane though it is. I think I’d stick with the colour scheme on the envelope but go for a chunkier zipper. I will spare you the other two views on the envelope. One of them has it made up in a large-scale orange floral which is a little too seventies even for me, and the other’s bright yellow.

I just wonder what type of fabric to make it out of. The envelope suggests a bewildering range of possibilities. As well as the things you’d expect like doubleknit, various other knits, and crepe, it suggests novelty pique (sounds scary), denim, and hopsacking. I thought hopsacking was something you made, well, sacks out of. Other slightly less unusual suggestions are wool flannel and linen.

My first thought is a very stable doubleknit but I’m worried it will grow. Still, as I have about four projects lined up that I already have fabric for there’s plenty of time to search for the perfect fabric for this one. Plus a big can of hairspray and some platform boots.

3 thoughts on “How fab is this?

  1. In 1977, it would have been made of polyester doubleknit.
    In 1979, the fabric of choice would have been velour.
    Chocolate brown and Ivory.
    You’ll need the shoes.
    And a perm.

  2. – PS…

    Sorry, I hadn’t realized this was a “just us girls” blog. I’ll shuffle back off to the men’s department where I belong. Anyway, I had the strange idea that a materials engineer might have some interesting take on the calculations and engineering of clothing patterns and so forth. I think we need a new way to spec measurements basically, because we’re not that far away from custom fitted clothes by machine.

    So I’m back off in search of the perfect tweed slacks somewhere else, best wishes!

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