Another shopping list

I know I haven’t sewed up all the fabric I bought in London yet. Much less have I managed to get started on Vogue 8644. But I’m going to Glasgow soon and it would be a waste not to at least go and look at the local fabric shops while I’m there, right?

From googling it looks as though the big two are Mandors and Remnant Kings although there are plenty of others. Suggestions welcome!

I need to come up with a list of things I’m looking for, or madness will ensue. Here is plan A:

  • Something tweedy for Vogue 8667
  • Something silky for the amazing top from Vogue 1195
  • And possibly some tartan because then I might actually get round to trying that Yohji Yamamoto knockoff I’ve been thinking about for years

The problem at the moment is that I keep changing my mind about what pattern I want to sew next. Assuming I ever get Vogue 8644 done. I haven’t had any time this week to get started on the cutting at all. Mind you making lists is half the fun…so I wouldn’t be too surprised if Plan B pops into my head in a day or two, fully formed and bearing no resemblance to the above whatsoever.

3 thoughts on “Another shopping list

  1. I love making lists.

    Of course, you simply MUST visit some fab shops while you are away. Just don’t do what I did in Brighton a couple of months ago. I wanted to visit a fabric shop so badly, but ran out of time, thinking it was quite a way from where we were that day. When I got back to the hotel I noticed the address on a carrier bag we picked up whilst out…and it turned out we were seconds from the shop, and in fact must have walked right past it. I felt sick with frustration!

    I really really like thatVogue 1195 and think you would definitely suit it. I want to make that one, too. I’m looking forward to seeing the fabric you choose.

  2. Hope you can keep to your list. I am awful. usually make a list and come out of the shops with everything but what was on the list. I am easily distracted. Now doubt when you are in Glasgow you should be able to pick up some nice tweed and tartan. If not what has gone wrong with the world.

  3. Have you seen the orange polo neck creation by Stella McCartney. Rather short but much more colourful than most stuff in this months Vogue mag. p147 if you fancy a browse. Don’t like the beige Chloe thing. Deffo need a fancy belt or a gilet with that. That is what I called shapeless. As Gok would say you have to show hose bazookas and lovely curves. Loe the Ralph Lauren outfit on the ad in Vogue. LOVE LOVE LOVE the black hat. There are some nice fabrics in the Louis Vuitton ad. Oh no! Just seen a Gorge pair of shoes. I’m going to go away and dribble quietly in a darkened room.

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