Vogue autumn 2010

I love Vogue patterns. I don’t know exactly what it is about them but in general they appeal to me far more than McCalls, Simplicity, or New Look. It’s not just the lure of ‘designer’ patterns because I often find myself passing over those in favour of the Easy Options and Divine Details ranges. Maybe it’s the styling of the envelope pictures?

So the autumn 2010 range is out. These are the ones that took my fancy.

8666. This one could have been made with me in mind – sleeveless princess seamed sheath dress with colour blocking potential? Yes please! There’s a view with sleeves as well, but I’m not sure how to colour block that. I’d like to make this in yellow or white with the side panels in black.

This is 1192, an Anne Klein design. I think the envelope photo doesn’t do it justice as the busy print hides the style lines. I’m not sure what fabric I’d make this up in but it would be plain to show the tucks!

1194, a DKNY design. I didn’t go for this one at first sight but the long sleeves and pockets won me over. I think this would be a good winter dress for work, comfortable but not boring.

8667. This is an Easy Options pattern. The variations include a fitted skirt, short sleeves, and a collarless version, but this one’s my favourite. I like the tweed fabric as well as the style, although I’d want something less beige. I’m fantasizing about making this in white.

1195, Badgley Mischka. This is a combination of a very plain spaghetti-strapped dress and an amazing drapey top. It’s the top I’d go for here. The line art is a bit strange-looking but if you stare at it long enough it sort of makes sense. I think I’d make it up in a plain silk jersey. Something neutral and sumptuous anyway, rather than the bold print shown in the picture. Not that the print isn’t good too, but more for evening than daytime.

There’s plenty more but these are the ones I want to make right now. You can see the whole collection (at least for the moment, those do not look like permanent URLs to me) at http://voguepatterns.mccall.com/new-sewing-patterns-pages-174.php or http://www.sewdirect.com/acatalog/VGE_WHATS_NEW_.html. What are your favourites?

3 thoughts on “Vogue autumn 2010

  1. Hi Catherine

    I like your choices.

    I particularly like 1195, and in fact I love the top part of 1202 (the DKNY pullover top with the pleated collar and sleeves). The pattern arrived in the post this morning – yippee! I like 8667 and 8663, too.

    Unless something jumps out at me immediately (as in the above I’ve mentioned) I sometimes find it easier to recognise I like something when others have made it up and I can see it in action. Maybe I lack a certain “vision”. Or I just need more inspiration.

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