Burda shirt finished


I finally finished the shirt. I’m pleased with it although, as always, there are things that could be improved. The fit isn’t quite right around the arms, so I’m getting creases across the top of the sleeve. It’s maybe clearer from the back view where there’s a funny fold near my armpits.


It’s not uncomfortable to wear so I’m not going to try fixing it on this attempt. I think I know what to adjust if I make the pattern again. The underarm is too high and needs scooping out a bit, and there’s also too much ease in the sleeve cap. I’d also change the position of the gap in the right side seam that you thread the sash through. It’s a bit too high on me so I have to wrap the sash quite carefully to avoid an unattractive gap.

After wearing this to work for a day I have decided I’d also prefer to gather the extra-long sleeves and stitch them in place rather than just push them up every five minutes.

I thought it might go well with my grey cotton skirt (half of an ancient suit)


It’s OK but it doesn’t really pop. Maybe the sashes need to be longer. Someone also suggested wearing a necklace with it but I’m not sure what colour.

However I’m really pleased I managed to sew a proper shirt collar with a collar stand. I don’t wear shirts much because I don’t like ironing, but it’s good to try something different to my standard sleeveless dress for once. Having said that, the next thing I’m planning to make is Vogue 8644, yet another sleeveless dress. You could probably wear this shirt over a wiggle dress though, or would that just look weird?

10 thoughts on “Burda shirt finished

  1. Maybe an orange necklace?
    Two questions:
    1) You mentioned in an earlier post that you got a dress form. Have you used it yet? and did it help? (I’m thinking of getting one)
    2) What do you wear over all your sleeveless dresses to keep warm? That’s always my conundrum…

    1. I wear a cardigan over sleeveless dresses, or a long sleeved t-shirt underneath.

      I’ve got the dressform but only really used it seriously for the first time this weekend for pinfitting a pattern as it took me a while to get it adjusted to match my shape! And I don’t think I’ve made anything which needed an even hem since I got it, so probably more on this when I’ve used it for a few projects 🙂

  2. Thanks! I look forward to hearing more about the dressform as you use it (it never occurred to me that it would take a while to adjust it to one’s shape – but that makes perfect sense). And I look forward to seeing more projects – you have a great eye for fabric and design!

  3. I really like it. I haven’t got a clue about the alterations,though (helpful as ever).

    I think that apart from the sleeves not annoying you so much, they would probably look nicer gathered up. I’m not sure if they might just look like you made them too long otherwise (though of course I know that’s not the case). Gathering would make more of a feature of them. Good idea.

    I’m going to look up “wiggle dress” now, as I haven’t a clue what it is!

  4. I am a complete novice in the fitting department, but your shirt looks like the shoulders are too wide for you. But other than that, I love the shirt and that color is excellent on you.

  5. What about a pressstud on the sleeves at the length that is comfortable. I have a black shirt with a pressstud and if I want my sleeves long I can undo the stud and pull them down or fold them up and press stud. Depends how cold I am. I have to admit mine is a less formal looking shirt

  6. As for as jewellery things to think about are
    1. Length
    2. Do you want to contrast or co-ordinate
    3.Lots of parts to the necklace or fairly simple.
    4. Natural or Plastics.
    You’ve got me started here. Wished I’d ready this posting before you came up and then we could have had a rummage through my jewels. I’ve got enough to start up a shop lol.

  7. Brooches and pinned corsages are always a way to cover unattractive gaping bits or what about a large long scarf as a belt. Or even scrap instead of a necklace can hide stuff you don’t want to be seen. Of course it is all dependent on where the gap is. Or what about a hidden press stud or a jigger button. I think that is what they are called. Like on jackets they have a button on the inside so the jacket doesn’t gape or look funny when the other buttons are fastened.

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