The Doctor Who dress


This is McCall’s 5799 which is one of my favourite patterns. It’s easy – only two pattern pieces – and very adaptable. I think this is the 4th time I’ve made it. On this one I added inseam pockets using this tutorial.


The fabric is white cotton drill with what looks like gold paint on it, although I noticed it was described as ‘gold foil print’ on MacCulloch and Wallis’s online fabric store. It was very difficult to photograph in the bright sunlight we’ve got at the moment. This indoor shot is about the best one I’ve got.


One very nice thing about this project is that other than the fashion fabric everything I used was already in my stash – the lining and zip were originally bought for the pleated dress but didn’t get used because I found ones that were a better match. I think this is the first time that’s happened to me!

As I said last week, at the age of nine or so I was convinced that one day I’d be on Doctor Who and I’d wear something like this. However I also thought it would look good with trainers. Definitely changed my mind on that, although I’m now not quite sure what would look good with the dress (hence the bare feet in the pictures). Whatever shoes I go with will clearly have to be flat for running away from Daleks.

Or possibly Dalek-shaped compost bins. Not quite as menacing.


3 thoughts on “The Doctor Who dress

  1. Good grief, you are a fast worker, or you’re just totally “in the zone” right now!

    The dress: I like it. Paired-down shape, with sort of strange (but cool) fabric.

    I haven’t even so much as glanced in the direction of my sewing. For ages.

  2. Don’t knock bare feet. Never did Sandy Shaw any harm lol. Just make sure you don’t drop any pins. Not pleasant I can tell you.

  3. Can’t believe you. At one time many moons ago you’d wear nothing but jeans and I was always in skirts etc. Now we’ve swapped. You really ought to go into business – bespoke dresses for all occasions. I could do the accessorizing. Is that typo or have I been celebrating my Mums birthday a bit too much. Anyway hoe you know what I mean.

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