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I have always really liked this Bottega Veneta balloon dress from 2006. Excuse the terrible picture quality! There’s a better picture here on The only thing I don’t like about it is the colour. I see this in bright orange (yes, I’m probably mad. But I have resolved to sew only what I really […]

This is McCall’s 5799 which is one of my favourite patterns. It’s easy – only two pattern pieces – and very adaptable. I think this is the 4th time I’ve made it. On this one I added inseam pockets using this tutorial. The fabric is white cotton drill with what looks like gold paint on […]

Possibly NSFW


Thanks for all the nice comments! Here’s the Burda 105-05-2010 jersey dress. It’s very quick to make – I sewed it up in a single evening. However when I tried it on I didn’t like the length and cut six inches off without measuring very carefully. This proved to be rather more than I intended. […]

Last month I bought a very large, bold print to make Burda 015-05-2010, a simple pullover knit dress. I knew I’d have to be careful about how I placed the print so I bought a bit of extra yardage – 2m instead of the 1.5 the pattern called for. My first thought was to place […]

I finally finished my pleated dress. It’s been a real slog. I washed the fabric on May 6th so it’s taken a month, and it wasn’t even a new pattern – I made it up once before in wool. Admittedly I’ve been ill and also been on holiday since I started, but it’s still gone […]