No time to sew

I haven’t sewed for over a week (if you don’t count replacing the hook and eye on my 70s dress, incidentally managing to stab myself with a seam ripper and get blood on the fabric). Probably won’t be sewing much this week either. Starting to wonder if I’ll ever get the pleated dress finished! And after that there are lots of other things I want to sew, but so little time to sew in. Maybe things will quietened down in July.

One very exciting thing coming up: it’s my birthday soon and I am getting a dressform! Everyone says it makes sewing so much easier so I can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “No time to sew

  1. Me again! I had to say, I looked through your previous posts, and WOW! your style is so cool. I particularly like the grey pleated dress. How handy to be tall and slender! Must go now…but I’ll be back.

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