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No time to sew


I haven’t sewed for over a week (if you don’t count replacing the hook and eye on my 70s dress, incidentally managing to stab myself with a seam ripper and get blood on the fabric). Probably won’t be sewing much this week either. Starting to wonder if I’ll ever get the pleated dress finished! And […]

I hadn’t made any progress on my Burda pleated summer dress for a week because of a streaming cold. I’d got as far as setting up the machine and then cutting the underlining I’d belatedly realised was needed, but hadn’t actually sewn a stitch of the dress. So today I made an effort to get […]

I only came back from London with two lengths of fabric and a zip, which is exactly what I’d intended. One of the lengths isn’t what I set out to buy but I’m still calling this a remarkable display of restraint! Mum and I started off with MacCulloch and Wallis which is just off Oxford […]

I cut my fabric – pale peach coloured cotton – and lining out at the weekend. The fabric seemed a little more transparent than I remembered but I persuaded myself it would be all right because I am lining the dress. I had another worrying moment when I couldn’t find a zip in anything like […]

This is not a very practical piece of clothing. Nor is this and yet they are two of my favourites. When I started sewing I wanted to make comfortable clothes that I could wear to work with features like sleeves and pockets, both of which seem to be lacking on most RTW. Sadly they seem […]

Thursday was the UK general election and I was helping run a committee room all day. The weather was sunny so I thought that during the early part of the day I could get some of my fabric stash washed and dried in between feeding people and data entry. Lack of drying time and space […]

I finished it before the election despite a catalogue of silly mistakes! Excuse the expression on my face in the picture – it was extremely cold on Sunday evening and I’m trying not to shiver. I discovered on bank holiday Monday afternoon that my zip was at least an inch too short, and had to […]