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80s flashback


I finished the tartan dress. The background to this is that few years ago (long before I started sewing) I saw a Yohji Yamamoto dress in Selfridges that I really liked but couldn’t possibly afford. I can barely remember a lot of the details now, but this is my take on the features that did […]

The zip is IN


I have produced the first half decent exposed zip I’ve ever managed! I can really recommend the exposed zip technique at (it’s a PDF so you’ll need Acrobat Reader or Foxit or similar to view). This is for the kind of exposed zip where the zip is installed under the fashion fabric, like an […]

I finally started getting somewhere with my tartan dress. I made the cowl neck bodice, sewed the skirt to the bodice, and basted the centre back seam prior to starting on the zip. That might not sound like very much but it went very slowly because of having to match the pattern at the seams. […]

Well I wish I had something to show on the tartan dress project, but I don’t. I got a bit too enthusiastic about trying to get the pattern to match perfectly and decided to rip out an imperfectly sewn dart by artificial light. Which led to a small but significant hole in the left bodice […]

Staying edges


I’ve not made as much progress on the tartan dress project as I expected. So this is just a quick post about staying edges. My first sewing book recommended zigzagging all the edges of your pieces before sewing seams, so that’s what I used to do. I’ve recently found this tends to distort the edges […]

Choosing a zip


Thanks everyone for the helpful comments about my tartan dress project! I’m all set to start sewing now. One final thing I had to do before starting was to pick a zip to go with the fabric. I want to do an exposed zip so I need something quite chunky. I have a large collection […]

I’ve had to wait for the weekend to cut out my tartan dress because I wanted to do it in daylight rather than artificial light. I haven’t ever sewn anything tartan before so I need all the help I can get. I was quite pleased to realise that the front of the bodice pattern I’m […]

I picked up the phrase Frankenpatterning from The Slapdash Sewist. I think it’s a wonderfully descriptive term for the process of combining two patterns. I’m currently trying to graft the skirt of Vogue 8633 onto the bodice of Vogue 8413 and it certainly feels like a bolt of lightning is going to be required to […]

Tartan skirts


Remember this? It’s polyester tartan fabric I bought in Glasgow to make a knockoff of a Yohji Yamamoto dress I saw years ago. I can’t really remember what the original looked like, but my plan is to morph the bodice of Vogue 8143 (line art below) and a full skirt from some other pattern. I […]

Thank you Vogue


A while ago I mentioned wanting to knock off a tartan Yohji Yamamoto dress I saw in Selfridges years ago. I finally bought some fabric for it in Glasgow. But the trouble is that once I started trying to sketch it I found I couldn’t recall very much detail about the style. It definitely had […]


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