This blog’s about my home sewing projects. I started sewing in 2008 because I was fed up of not being able to find clothes in the styles I wanted or that fitted. So now instead of spending hours shopping I spend hours sewing.

One great thing about making your own clothes is that in theory you can create exactly what you want. Having that much choice has made me think a lot harder about what I wear and why, so this blog also contains a fair bit of musing about style. Or possibly just navel-gazing.

If you want to contact me, please use the form below.

9 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 Barbara

    I love your style and your writing. Both real. Thanks.

  2. 2 Delphina

    Hello Catherine!

    I sometimes see your reviews on patternreview.com and your sewing is always very good! I especially liked your Vogue 1220 dress!

    If you are London based (specifically south London) I wanted to let you know about a new sewing & knitting group I have started. It’s called ‘Catford South Sewing & Knitting Group) for sewists and knitters to work on their individual projects but with like-minded folk who like a chat. It’s free of charge, you just need to bring your sewing machine, fabrics and bobbins etc. Love to see you down there Catherine! We meet every Sat (except 3rd Sat of the month) from 11 – 5.30pm.

  3. Hi there, Do you know about Versatile Blogger Award? I was passed on the award and I have nominated your fabulous blog for the award. If you are interested in it, please visit my blog to see the rules to follow. Anne

  4. 4 atlantic


    I just found your blog and clearly do not fit the profile of your readers (who appear to be talented and experienced with sewing).

    What intrigues me is that unlike many others you did not start sewing at age 6 but relatively recently. I have just decided that I would like to learn to sew (in my later 40s) initially to make the clothes I have fit better and perhaps also to be able to make things I would like to have (I’m relatively slim but a bit curvaceous). I love the precision and craft and tailoring of the things you have made and am impressed that you developed such skill.

    Would you care to do a post about how you came to learn to sew? Where/how did you learn? what was useful, what was not? how long until you were actually competent to make clothes that were tailored and fit and do not look home made? I am hoping it is not too late for me!

    thank you

  5. Hi Catherine. I’ve been looking for a contact email address for you but can’t find one. I’d love to talk to you about doing an interview with me for the My Handmade Style series if you’d like? Pop me an email at stitchandwitter gmail com if you’re interested! Thanks! Joanne

  6. Hey Catherine, How’s it going? Thanks for the the shout out in your stitch and witter interview. Much appreciated and it means a lot coming from you. Tried to email you this but it bounced o0

  7. Hello Catherine,
    I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blog/One Lovely Blogger Award :-)
    See: http://cherrypix1.wordpress.com/2012/12/12/award-inspiring

  8. Hi Catherine. I’ve been missing your regular blog posts recently. I hope all is well with you and you are busy creating another fabulous dress!

    • 9 Catherine Daze

      Thanks Jane! I’m still around but life got so busy I haven’t sewed much and am only just keeping up with reading blogs, never mind commenting or posting. But things should quieten down soon I hope, and I have one epic fail of a Burda project to post soon.

      I liked your jacket, it’s come out really well. Tailoring is such an effort, I wish I had the energy!



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